Sabtu, 08 September 2007

Surprise, surprise...

Nearly two years ago when we began our research into straw bale building, we noticed that there seemed to be a theme of increased fertility and little "surprises" along the way amongst the straw bale owner-builders we visited and spoke with. seems we're no exception. Our little "surprise" (and it was a surprise) is due in February, so we're incredibly inspired to finish this house *immediately*!

Tomorrow, we'll be plastering fiends in hopes of making good progress. We have a lot of "fill coat" work to do on the inside with our clay-dirt plaster before we can apply a final lime plaster coat. Once we're done our plaster work, we've only the floors to finish, and the porch/patio floor to install. We're so close, but yet so far...

Volunteers welcome!

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