Kamis, 02 Agustus 2007

Photo update

I'm back in the office job after two weeks with a mile-high stack of urgent-must-be-done-yesterday stuff, so I'll just post photos of our crew at work with some of the progress. We've enjoyed a wonderful "vacation" with the Thunderbay Stonehouses helping us (working like dogs) with the house. The outside mud is done and the lime plaster is underway! The lime should be done early next week and then we can move indoors...More to come later!

Dad Stonehouse installing flashing.

Andy Cragg hard at work with a trowel.

A first glimpse of the lime coat on the west gable end.

Rob M. at work with the Tirolessa - an adobe sprayer from Mexico.

Dad Stonehouse showing off a new tshirt.

Mom Stonehouse hard at work on the plaster.

Rob M. applying a fill coat under the porch roof.

Charles T. plastering to perfection on the west side.

Meg M. mixing the lime plaster and covered with splatter!

Beyla - an old (but young) friend.

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